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Steyr Arms

Celebrating 150 years of STEYR MANNLICHER we look back on 150 years of Austrian industrial history. Based on hundreds of years of tradition in weapon manufacture Josef Werndl founded an enterprise in 1846 which was to become the cornerstone for a great number of modern-day high-tech enterprises and the home to many important innovations in weapon design.

 The key to the company’s economic success was the the Werndl-Holub breech loading rifle, which became the new standard rifle of the Austrian armed forces in 1867.

From 1885 onwards the rifles of Austro-Hungarian Forces were equipped with the outstanding Mannlicher straight pull repeating system. The special feature was the cartridge clip which enabled the shooter to load five or more cartridges with only one grasp. This lead to a success where rifles from Steyr were sold to armies in more than 20 countries.

In 1903 the designers Ferdinand Ritter von Mannlicher and Otto Schönauer created the iconic rifle of the 20th century, the world famous Mannlicher-Schönauer. This rifle set standards, in line with Werndl’s motto “Highest quality and innovatio

After the two world wars and all its difficulties the production of hunting rifles started again in 1950.

The actual restart of a military production was the assault rifle “StG 58”, under license of the Belgian company FN for the Austrian Federal Army

Towards the end of the 1960ies two trend-setting rifles were produced by Steyr. The sniper rifle SSG 69, the first serially produced high precision rifle with synthetic stock. As early as in 1970 an Austrian army officer shot world record with it. The Steyr hunting rifle with synthetic magazine, cold hammer forged barrel, and new locking system became a worldwide bestseller.

In the late 1960ies the company started the development of a completely new assault rifle, the STEYR AUG. In 1977 the Austrian Federal Army decided to establish the AUG A 1, which was named StG 77 (Sturmgewehr 77), as its new standard assault rifle.

Up to this day, this rifle has been one of the most modern assault rifles and thanks to its unique design the STEYRAUG has hit the screen in many major Hollywood productions.

With the new pistol MA-1, Steyr Mannlicher salutes the new millennium by introducing an innovative product in a trend-setting design.

True to its motto “Innovation following tradition” STEYR MANNLCHER does not only look back to a great past but also to a successful future …

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