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Guns and firearms represent a diverse and complex category of weapons designed for various purposes, including self-defense, sport shooting, hunting, and law enforcement. This category encompasses a wide range of firearms, each with distinct features and applications. In this comprehensive category description, we will explore the different types of firearms and mention some popular tactical brands known for their high-quality products.


Handguns: Handguns are compact firearms designed to be carried and operated with one hand. They are commonly used for self-defense, concealed carry, and recreational shooting. Popular tactical brands in the handgun category include Glock, SIG Sauer, Smith & Wesson, and Springfield Armory.


Rifles: Rifles are long-barreled firearms designed for precision shooting and long-range accuracy. They are used for hunting, target shooting, and various tactical applications. Prominent brands in the rifle category include Remington, Ruger, Colt, and Savage Arms.


Shotguns: Shotguns are versatile firearms that fire a spread of pellets, making them effective for hunting, sport shooting, and home defense. Tactical shotgun enthusiasts often favor brands like Mossberg, Benelli, Winchester, and Beretta.


Semi-Auto rifles are not assault rifles which are selective-fire, magazine-fed rifles designed for rapid fire in a military setting. We do NFA transfers for such firearms. While civilian ownership of fully automatic assault rifles is restricted in many regions, semi-automatic variants are available in nearly every state. Notable brands in this category include BCM, HK, LMT, Knights Armament, ArmaLite, PWS, FN Herstal, and LWRC.


Submachine Guns: Submachine guns are compact automatic firearms typically used by military and law enforcement agencies. Brands known for producing reliable submachine guns include Heckler & Koch (H&K) and Uzi.


Precision Rifles: Precision rifles are specialized firearms designed for extreme accuracy, often used in competitive long-range shooting and military sniping. Desert Tech, Detroit Gun Works, SAKO, Barrett, Accuracy International, and Surgeon Rifles are renowned brands in the precision rifle market.


Tactical Accessories: Many firearm owners seek to enhance the performance and customization of their weapons with various tactical accessories. Brands like Magpul, Trijicon, EOTech, and SureFire produce accessories such as stocks, sights, scopes, and flashlights to optimize firearm functionality.


Ammunition: The effectiveness of a firearm is heavily reliant on the quality of its ammunition. Well-known ammunition manufacturers like Federal, Winchester, Hornady, and Remington produce a wide range of ammunition types suitable for different firearms and applications.


Firearm Safety: It is imperative to prioritize firearm safety and responsible ownership. Popular tactical brands like Safariland, Blackhawk, and Pelican offer firearm storage solutions, holsters, and protective gear to ensure safe handling and transport of firearms.


When engaging with firearms, it is essential to comply with all relevant laws and regulations in your jurisdiction, practice safe handling and storage, and seek proper training to ensure responsible firearm ownership. Always prioritize safety and responsible use when dealing with guns and firearms.