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Mega Arms Maten MML Receiver Set

 Mega Arms Maten MML Receiver Set

Mega Arms Maten MML Receiver Set

Product Review: Mega Arms Maten MML Receiver Set

Recently I was emboldened to start and complete my first AR rifle build. Not to follow the standard convention of building an AR15, instead I decided to embark on my first build with a large frame AR in 308 Win. For those unaware unlike the AR15 whose components have strict controls on part dimensions and tolerances due to the military, large frame AR’s have no central standard resulting in several family variations which have parts that are typically not interchangeable. The two most common large frame AR variations are the LR308, also known as the DPMS or SR25 pattern, and the AR10 or Noveske as it is sometimes known.

It is for this reason that many avid home gunsmiths do not attempt large frame AR builds as the internet is filled with those who did not prepare properly only to assemble an inoperable or worse yet an unsafe rifle. Fortunately there is a manufacture that decided to address this issue, Mega Arms. Mega Arms is a former aerospace company that for many years manufactured receivers for other well-known firearms manufactures but decided to venture into the market with a proprietary receiver set themselves. Mega designed a large frame AR that removes much of the headache normally associated with large frame AR builds. Mega’s large frame AR is known as the Maten (Mega Arms Ten a play on the original naming nomenclature of the AR10). The Maten has a unique feature in that it can accept barrels, BCGs and many other parts from either the DPMS/SR25 or AR10 pattern of rifles. The Maten comes in standard upper and lower receiver sets but this review is specific to the Maten MKM/MML Receiver set.

Traditional upper receivers have an external male thread that a barrel nut is threaded and torqued onto and then a handguard is secured to the barrel nut. The MKM and MML instead use a semi monolithic system. The handguards on the MKM and MML secure directly to the upper receiver, which is about an inch longer than other large frame AR uppers. As a note the only differences between the two receivers is that MKM uses keymod attachments while the MML uses Magpul’s new MLOK attachments. The barrel is then secured with a titanium barrel nut which threads into the upper receiver. This design provides several advantages. First with the handguard not mounted to the barrel nut the barrel nut is able to be secured at the proper torque level without having to worry about the timing of the barrel nut to accommodate the gas system. Two because of Mega Arms experience in the aerospace industry the fitment between the upper and the handguard is extremely tight with no wobble. The upper is also designed to have a continuous length of picatinny rail (with laser engraved T numbers, a nice touch). Mega Arms themselves indicate that because of the precision fit between the upper and handguard the end user can mount a scope in the proper location with traditional style scope rings even though it “bridges” between the rail on the upper and the handguard. Lastly because of the integration of the handguard to the upper, it simplifies the build process on a large frame AR. With the MML /MKM all a home gunsmith must do is purchase a barrel and matching BCG and then attach the appropriate buffer tube, buffer and spring. While Mega states that at a minimum they recommend that only the barrel and bolt be from the same large frame AR pattern, based on my experiences and those of individuals I deeply trust I would recommend that everything inline with the operating system of the rifle (barrel, bolt, spring and buffer) be from the same rifle pattern.

Maten receivers are produced by Mega from billet 7075 series aluminum and are coated with a type 3 milspec anodize. Another notable feature of the Maten series is that the lowers feature ambidextrous bolt releases, a feature I don’t think I can go without now that I have used it. The ability to drop the bolt with the fire control hand is also advantageous especially for a precision build, when in the prone position you don’t have to break your support hand from stabilizing the stock to hit the traditional bolt release lever.

The MKM Maten uppers come in two lengths, rifle 12” and extended 14” while the MML is offered in three lengths, rifle 12”, extended 14”, and Mega Extended 16”. For my build I decided wanted to have a DMR style 308 so I went with a 16” barrel and the MML receiver in the extended (14”) length. I was very happy with this combination as it resulted with the barrel barely extending past the handguard. If I were to have used a longer barrel I would have gone with the Mega Extended length.

Mega’s MML receiver sets allowed me to produce a high quality 308 AR even with no prior experience. The overall quality was superb and if I were to build another rifle tomorrow I would begin with receivers from Mega Arms. We carry a regular assortment of Mega receivers and parts at Oakland Tactical. If we don’t have something in stock because of our dealer relationship we easily get into the shop. Contact the shop directly and we can assist with your next build or check out our selection at 

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