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Masterpiece Arms 300WMBA Bolt Action

Masterpiece Arms 300WMBA Bolt Action

Masterpiece Arms 300WMBA Bolt Action

MPA flagship rifle is the MPA BA bolt action rifle. For this review, we sat down with the MPA FDE 300 Win Mag Bolt Action Rifle. The rifle is chambered in 300 Win Mag, which has been the go to round for intermediate long range precision for the US military. The 300 Win Mag though is also popular for civilian shooters due to the cartridges ballistics performance and stopping power of big game. MPA does offer other caliber options including: 308 Win., 6mm Creedmoor, 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5x47 Lapua, 338 Lapua Magnum, and 223 Rem. The rifle utilizes a Kebleys’ Atlas Tactical Rifle action, which is based on the common Remington 700 footprint. The action is a high quality piece and has a fluted two lug one piece bolt, that is hand fitted to the action. The bolt is nitride and features a 90 degree bolt throw that is light and smooth. The barrel on the rifle is 26 inches long, with a 1-10” twist in a heavy varmint barrel profile and comes with the standard 5/8 x 24 threading, with a pre-mounted muzzle brake. The brake has large ports to assist in keeping the shooter on target, but if a suppressor or flash hider is preferred the swap is simple by the shooter.

Each of MPA’s rifles barrels starts off as a 416 RQ Stainless Steel barrel blank produced by Clay Spencer. The barrel is Precision Gun Drilled, Reamed and Honed. The barrels are then Pull Button Rifled. After rifling the barrels are Stress Relieved and Hand Lapped. This entire process takes time and is often overlooked in most commercial rifles but completing the process results in a superbly accurate barrel. To finish out the barreled action MPA installs Timney 510 triggers, which are one of the most popular triggers for a precision rifle. The Timney 510 is a single stage trigger with a clean and crisp break that is adjustable for pull weight from 1.5 pounds to 4 pounds.

The barreled actions are then mounted into MPA’s own Tactical Chassis System. The MPA chassis is machined from T-6061 aluminum and utilizes a v-block bedding system. The chassis has a buttstock that is adjustable for comb height, length of pull, and features a built in monopod. The chassis also has an integrated bubble level just to the rear of the rear action screw. This allows a shooter to quickly glance at the level while maintaining check-weld on the rifle. Being level is important when engaging long range targets because failure to do so will change the elevation and windage corrections likely causing a miss instead of a hit. The chassis accepts AICS or AW Magazines, but a single 5 round AICS magazine is included from MPA. The AICS magazines are expensive but they are the benchmark for reliability in the precision rifle world. The MPA chassis has several different attachments, which were designed with competition shooters in mind such as the included monopod and straight grip. All across the chassis there is ample real estate for affixing rails, sling attachments points or other accessories such as a barricade stop, bag rider, and spigot mount. This is one of the best features of the MPA chassis is the accessory support that MPA has built, allowing the user to configure the rifle to their needs. Finally the chassis does have a night vision bridge for those who want to hit their target even when the sun is down. The particular rifle I handled was cerakoted in FDE, which looked good against the black cerkote of the barreled action. The coating was even and being cerakote will hold up to years of abuse.

In total the rifle with the 26” barrel and no optic or magazine comes in at 12.73 pounds. Not the heaviest anchors that are brought to the line but by no means a lightweight either. Each rifle from MPA is meticulously built to be durable, reliable and ultimately accurate. MPA stands behind their work by guaranteeing that this rifle will shoot to not 1 moa but guarantees the rifle to ½ moa, which is a phenomenal bar to set. The build sheet for this rifle shares many commonalities with a custom build except one notable exception, the price. At $2,799.00 this rifle is a great deal considering that a comparable custom rifle would likely cost 150% more and would take months to complete by a qualified gunsmith.

Overall this rifle is a superb one with top tier features and an affordable price for them. All that a shooter needs to do is to put a nice optic and a bipod on this rifle and it is ready to go compete at the highest levels in a PRS event or take down the biggest of North American game. At Oakland Tactical we carry many quality precision rifles including the Masterpiece Arms 300 Win Mag Match Bolt Action Rifle, because precision rifle shooting is our passion. Contact our shop or visit our website for our current inventory and let us help you make hits at range.

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