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Why Desert Tech?

Why Desert Tech?

Why Desert Tech?

Desert Tech SRS A1: As one of the few shops that specialize in long range precision shooting in Michigan, we often get asked “What rifle do you recommend for tactical precision shooting?” We’ve found the answer to that question to be the Desert Tech Stealth Recon Scout (SRS) A1.

The SRS A1 is a unique rifle that has now been available in the civilian market since 2008, but I consistently find that it is under appreciated for some of the truly groundbreaking advancements that it has in the bolt action rifle market. The SRS A1 is produced by Desert Tech, formally Desert Tactical and was originally designed as an entrant into the USSOCOM Precision Sniper Rifle (PSR) program. Though the SRS A1 did not win the contract, for those unaware it was won by the firearms behemoth Remington, regardless it is a superb rifle.

One of the requirements of the PSR program was for the rifle to have the ability to switch quickly in the field between the 3 current US military sniper rifle cartridges:.308 Win.; 300 Wm; and .338 Lapua. The SRS accomplishes this and more. Even an untrained individual can swap calibers in the SRS A1 in under 2 minutes, a proficient individual in under 30 seconds. Since its original introduction the SRS A1 has expanded on its caliber selection from the original three required for the PSR program. Currently the SRS A1 is available in the following calibers direct from the factory:

.338 Lapua

.300 Wm

7mm WSM

.308 Win

6.5 Creedmoor

6.5x47 Lapua

.260 Rem

In addition to those listed, several gunsmiths now specialize in chambering desert tech rifles meaning that a caliber conversion can be machined in just about any cartridge imaginable, so long as it uses a bolt face that is already available. Say for example that you want a hotrod cartridge for the Precision Rifle Championship, then you can have a barrel spun up in 6mm Creedmoor or 6x47 Lapua, or say that you’re looking for a blazing fast varmint round, then .22x250 would be available. A more recent development is that Mark Gordan at Short Action Customs has designed and brought to market a new conversion package that utilizes a .384 diameter bolt head, meaning that .223 Rem and 300 Blackout are now viable options as well. No other precision rifle on the market has the vast array of calibers that are accessible for the SRS A1.

One of my favorite parts of the SRS is that similar to an AR-15, the rifle uses a locking lug extension on the barrel. Because of this the SRS A1 only uses steel for the critical components of a safe and reliable firearm, the bolt and the barrel, as opposed to traditional bolt rifles which have a heavy all steel action, with an all steel bolt, with a steel barrel. (Lots of steel which means lots of weight) By reducing the use of steel, like the AR15, the SRS A1 maintains a reasonable weight, that won’t have you cursing after the end of a competition or long hunt.

The SRS A1 interfaces with the shooter via a bullpup chassis system and is available in both right and left hand options. The chassis allows some unique features, including an optional built in monopod for steading the rifle in prone, an adjustable cheek piece and spacers for length of pull. Typically in bullpup configured rifles, the trigger is the biggest concern. Desert Tech refined this important piece of the precision rifle puzzle, to redefine what is capable in the bullpup configuration. The SRS A1 has a single stage adjustable (travel, creep, location and weight) match trigger. During my time using an SRS A1 I found the trigger crisp and sharp, perfectly suitable for precision rifle work.

One of the advantages of the bullpup chassis is that it allows a more compact and better balanced rifle then compared to a traditional one. The common 26” barrel on the SRS doesn’t feel like the heavy pike that a comparable traditional 26” barrel rifles feels like. Even with a suppressor attached to a 26” barrel, the SRS feels just about right for balance and length.

At Oakland Tactical we love the Desert Tech SRS A1. Oakland Tactical founder, Mike Paige, has been using a SRS A1 for many years and has completed in several tactical competitions with it. Because it is such a phenomenal rifle, we carry a large stock of caliber conversions and chassis, and if out of stock can get it in around 10 days. Give us a call if you’re looking for more information on the SRS A1 or to get your hands on one of the top precision rifles available.

Written by Jason Lachowski

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