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Vortex Razor HD 4.5-27x56mm

Vortex Razor HD 4.5-27x56mm

Vortex Razor HD 4.5-27x56mm

Product Review: Vortex Razor HD 4.5-27x56mm

When engaging targets at distance with precision fire, a high quality optic can be the difference between a hit and a miss. Talk to any experienced shooter in the long range shooting community and they can attest to the invaluableness of quality glass. Remember that a riflescope is the part of a rifle system that visually connects that rifle to the shooter. Looking through the glass the shooter is able to aim the rifle and also observe the conditions downrange including the location and type of target as well observe wind conditions through mirage and foliage signs.

There are many manufactures that currently produce high quality riflescopes, one manufacture that has exploded in popularity in recent years is Vortex Optics. For those unaware, Vortex Optics is a US based optics company out of Wisconsin. Vortex has strived to provide superb customer service and a quality product at a reasonable price. Vortex also prides itself on soliciting advice from shooters who push their products to the limit, whether it’s on duty, during a match or on the hunt of a lifetime.

The Vortex Razor HD Gen II line of scopes is no different. These scopes are top tier in glass quality and include many of the most desirable features for a precision riflescope. If you go to a Precision Rifle Series (PRS) match, you will see many Vortex Razor HD Gen II’s on the firing line. The Razor Gen II comes in two magnification ranges, 3-18x and 4.5-27x but by far the 4.5-27X has the most versatile range especially for PRS style matches. With a low end of 4.5x the scope is still useful for close mover targets and having the high end reach 27x is helpful when shooting 1” dots at 100 yards, both common stages at a match.

The 4.5-27X features a 56mm objective bell which allows for quite a bit of light transmission. The scope utilizes one piece aircraft grade aluminum 34 main tube which has become standard for tactical scopes for their larger amount internal travel and added strength and rigidity. The scope is 14.4 inches long and comes in at a hefty 48.5 ounces. The scope is front focal plane and is offered in one of 3 different illuminated reticles styles, EBR-1c(MRAD), EBR-2c (MOA) and EBR-2c (MRAD). My favorite is the EBR-2c (MRAD), which is a “Christmas tree” reticle with a large amount of reticle hashmarks under the horizontal stadia allowing for quick and precise holdover corrections. The scopes also uses Vortex’s patent pending L-Tec turrets and zero stops. Zero stops allow the shooter to identify the zero position and not allow the scope to be dialed below this point. This is extremely helpful in allowing a shooter to quickly dial out any adjustments to confirm the exact location of the turret. These turrets are also lockable by pressing the turret cap down, to unlock simply lift the turret and start dialing. The turrets use 0.1 Mil per click adjustments with 10 Mil travel per revolution. The total internal travel of the scope is 33 Mils for elevation and 14 mils for windage. The clicks are firm and tactile, they are audible but it is a more subtle click than other scopes I’ve used previously. The scope has a fairly standard 3.7 inches of eye relief, meaning that mounting should be easy on just about any rifle. The field of view for the scope is 25.3-4.4 feet at 100 yards and has parallax adjustable from 32 yards to infinity. The power ring of the scope is firm but smooth through the entire travel. I would personally want a power throw lever of some kind, side note Vortex produces one specifically to fit, especially for competitive shooting.

One of the most controversial aspects of judging an optic is its optical quality. While difficult to quantity never the less the Vortex Razor HD Gen II is superb. The scopes have extra-low dispersion glass lenses that are optically indexed to improve brightness and clarity. In addition they feature Vortex’s premium proprietary multi coating to ensure maximum light transfer. To my eye the Vortex Razor HD Gen II has fantastic glass that pops with color and has a sharp contrast. With lower quality optics it is common to have eye strain from prolonged use but I could look through the glass of the Razor HD Gen II all day without difficulty. Another reason I love Vortex scopes is because Vortex stands behind their products. This is no better epitomized by Vortex’s product warranty, which called the VIP Unconditional Warranty. While I could explain it myself Vortex’s website says it all:

Our VIP warranty is about you, not us. It's about taking care of you after the sale.VIP stands for a Very Important Promise to you, our customer. We will repair or replace your Vortex product in the event it becomes damaged or defective—at no charge to you. If we cannot repair your product, we will replace it with a product in perfect working order of equal or better physical condition. You see, it doesn't matter how it happened, whose fault it was, or where you purchased it. You can count on the VIP Warranty for all Vortex Optics riflescopes, prism scopes, red dots, rangefinders, binoculars, spotting scopes, tripods, and monoculars. If you ever have a problem, no matter the cause, we promise to take care of you. ~Vortex Optics That’s a warranty that can’t be beat.

At Oakland Tactical we carry a large range of scopes from Vortex, from their red dots, low magnification carbine style optics, to the Razor HD Gen II. Come into the shop and see for yourself the value and quality offered by these great scopes. Our inventory changes often so make sure to take a look now and check back frequently.

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