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CZ P-09 Part 1 of 3

CZ P-09 Part 1 of 3

CZ P-09 Part 1 of 3

The CZ P-09 is offered chambered in both the ubiquitous 9mm luger and the slightly larger and more powerful 40 S&W. The P-09 comes in several model variations which mostly differ based on whether the model features a standard crowned barrel or a threaded one. In addition the pistol frames are offered in three different coloring: black, FDE, and Urban Grey. For this review we got our hands on a CZ P-09 FDE. Personally I really like the color of the FDE frame offset by the black slide.

The pistol comes in a standard black plastic case, with two toggle locks and a built in handle. While not an extravagant affair the case gets the job done. Inside the case the pistol come with all the standard paperwork, a cleaning brush and patch pull. As a side note CZ includes as part of that paperwork a digital copy of the test target from the factory, which I personally think is a nice touch. The CZ P-09 FDE has a 4.54 inch barrel and CZ’s literature indicates the P-09 comes in at 31 ounces. For reference that is 6 ounces heavier than a Glock 17 and only two ounces in excess of the popular Sig Sauer P-320 full size. The polymer frame has textured grip pads for increased grip on the pistol and the P-09 has three interchangeable backstraps. Interchangeable backstraps are the new norm in the age of the modular pistol but I don’t feel a substantive difference between the small, medium and large backstraps. I do like the fine tuning the grips feel but is it a game changer compared to pistols without interchangeable backstraps, I’m not sure.

The CZ P-09 FDE as a hammer based pistol comes standard with a decockling lever that is coated in polymer for ease of use. All CZ P-09’s feature CZ’s new trigger mechanism, the Omega trigger. Unlike previous iterations the Omega system can be converted between a decocking lever and safety lever. In this regard the P-09 can be carried hammer down with the decoking lever or cocked and locker with the safety lever installed. The Omega trigger system is considered by CZ as an improvement of the original trigger system and I do agree that overall the omega triggers are better out of the box compared to the triggers on a CZ 75B or SP01. The Omega system is also suppose to be easier to dissemble and maintain from an armors perspective.

The CZ P-09 FDE for this review had a decent trigger. While I didn’t have a trigger gauge on hand the DA was around the 9 ½-10 pound range. The trigger also does not have any sharp spots and I had no problem reaching it in double action. The SA is a little mushy with some take up, likely due to the included firing pin block safety with a weight around the 4.5-5 pound range. Overall though the trigger isn’t bad and I could work with it.

The CZ P-09 FDE comes with standard fixed three dot night sights which worked to my satisfaction in a some test dry fire through the house at night. The slide is steel with forward and aft cocking serrations that feel good in the hand and give positive traction when you need it. A notable deviation from the classic CZ formula is that the P-09 and P-07 utilizes a locking block built into the chamber end of the barrel that interfaces with the geometry of the ejection port. This is the same locking block style as most other polymer pistols such as Glock, and is unlike the classic CZ pistols which feature locking lugs that interact with the underside of the slide, 1911 style. Overall the slide has some nice aesthetic lightening cuts with the nose of the pistol narrowed towards the front sight providing reduced weight and ease of holstering.

The CZ P-09 comes with two magazines in the case, though I would have preferred three. The magazines are a nice robust steel and have a nice even coating. In 9mm the magazines hold 19 rounds which is the highest I’ve ever seen offered on a duty style pistol. As a duty style pistol the CZ P-09 also has a picatinny rail to accommodate all manner of accessories including lights and lasers. Overall I really like the CZ P-09 FDE and at $589 it’s an affordable pistol with some great features. I got the opportunity to put 250 rounds down range and had no function issues what so ever and completely recommend it for a range gun or for home defense. Though the CZ P-09 FDE was great out of the box, as a competition shooter I couldn’t leave it in stock configuration for long. Be on the lookout for Part 2 of this review where we take a look at some simple and cost effective upgrades to improve the already superb performance of this pistol as well as get some more range time with the pistol.

Check Part 2 and 3 of This Review.

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