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Competitive Shooting: For everyone and anyone

Competitive Shooting: For everyone and anyone

Competitive Shooting: For everyone and anyone

Competitive Shooting: For everyone and anyone

Not every firearm or piece of gear is meant for extended strenuous use, some firearms are just meant to be handled carefully, placed in a glass case or back of the safe and admired for their aesthetics, significance, or rarity. While those guns are great, at Oakland Tactical we sell products that are built to be used and abused. The moniker hard use firearms is part of our logo and we are proud that the guns and components in our shop can endure the tough hardships imposed on them by serious shooters. One of the best hardships to test a firearm and the shooter who wields it is through organized competition. Competitive shooting has shifted from the traditional stationary accuracy based competition of years past, even though if that’s your thing they still do exist. Today many organized competitions offer dynamic challenges pushing shooters and their gear to the limit.

When I speak with other shooters regarding why they don’t try competitive shooting I often hear that they don’t feel confident going to a local match or that they don’t have the correct gear. This can be no further from the truth and is simply a state of mind. I try and push every shooter I meet to get into the shooting sports for several reasons. First, competitive shooters like the rest of the shooting community at large are very welcoming to new shooters. I have never seen a new shooter step onto the range for a match and not left with a smile after a long day of shooting as well as having learned something about their shooting from some of the more experienced competitors. While everyone is competing, for new shooters the competition is between the person starting at them in the mirror.

Secondly, the shooting community is still relatively small compared to other traditional sports, and going to a match will give you an opportunity to meet other like-minded shooters. Meeting other shooters helps build our community overall but also that shooter next to you on the line is very likely using different gear. These differences will give you the opportunity to see first hand how others problem solve as well as if its that new gear your looking to add to your outfit, then you may even have an opportunity to try it out in person.

Third, there is a large amount of variety in the shooting sports. When it comes to gear there are a myriad of shooting competitions with a varied set of rules. If you own a firearm there is probably a competition designed around your gear or style of shooting. Enjoy shooting targets at long range, there’s a competition for you, Precision Rifle Series (PRS). Like shooting pistols as fast and accurately as possible there’s a competition for you, United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA). Want to test your skills with your everyday carry gun, there’s a competition for you, International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA). Looking to employ your carbine in fast-paced practical skills driven environment engaging multiple targets and changing positions along the way, there’s a competition for you, American Confederation of Shooters (ACTS). And say you like to shoot a pistol, shotgun and rifle all in one stage, well then there’s definitely a competition for you, 3 Gun or 3GunNation.

Fourth, competing allows you as a shooter to identify skills, which need improvement. I’ve learned the hard way about ensuring I’m ready to address a pistol malfunction when I got a double feed on a USPSA stage once. After that I spent time working on malfunction drills so the next time I’ll be able to respond better when the clock is running. Not everyone is looking to climb to the top of the leader board but that doesn’t mean competing isn’t still helpful. For example IDPA allows a shooter to use their carry gun and see what it’s really like to draw that concealed pistol at full speed. There’s nothing more useful when that fateful moment arises that you need to use a weapon for self-defense then having had thousands of rounds on it in a competitive environment under your belt.

At Oakland Tactical we are no strangers to competitive shooting. The firearms and components we carry will serve any competitive shooter from the novice to the top-level professional. Come into Oakland Tactical and we can help set you up with that new rifle, shotgun or pistol for your next match. In addition we can provide insight into how you can be more involved in the shooting sports.

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