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Considerations for a Concealed Carry Pistol

Considerations for a Concealed Carry Pistol

Considerations for a Concealed Carry Pistol

Considerations for a Concealed Carry Pistol:

One of the most important decisions an individual can make is the choice to carry a firearm for the protection of their self, family and property. Undoubtedly the preferred method to carry a firearm is concealed for its obvious advantages over open carry. With the decision to carry concealed comes many considerations from selecting a pistol to carry, to preparing for a confrontation that no one hope occurs.

The biggest factor to consider with a concealed carry pistol is overall size and fit to the hand. Compact and sub-compact sized pistols exchange overall shoot-ability for large reductions in size to assist with the ease of concealing including preventing printing, the phenomena of a pistols outline being visible under the cover garment. Because compact and subcompact pistols have smaller grip surface area and a lower weight, recoil management is all the more important. While technique can get an individual far in shooting, fit is far more critical. As an example if you have bear hands than a sub-compact may not even be an option, just like conversely smaller stature shooters typically struggle with the heft and size of a full size pistol.

Consideration of fit should not be limited to just grip size, but also shape, angle etc. Included with this is whether to select a revolver or a semi-automatic. Both have significantly different grip shapes and require different techniques to fire quickly and accurately. While many consider revolvers to be an obsolete pistol design, they are still a valid, and useful tool for a carry pistol. The next important factor when choosing to carry is your commitment and dedication to the craft and science of the defense of one self. I am always dismayed when I meet a new shooter who carries but the only training they do is the continuing education course requirement under the law to renew a concealed pistol license. As a competitive shooter I’ve drawn my pistol from its holster over 1000 times during dry fire alone in the last 3 months, and the targets I engage during a match will never shoot back. If you carry a concealed pistol, ask yourself how many times have you drawn your pistol at full speed, like you would during an encounter? Unless you’re naturally gifted a sub 1.2 second draw from concealment isn’t going to just happen. Similarly, how many times have you drawn your pistol in the dark?

Shooters who don’t train with their carry pistol is like a guy buying a racecar and saying I’ll only drive it when I suit up to race in the Indy 500. Training should have two components, organized training with a qualified instructor and then the everyday training of dry and live firing.

Part of this dedication is also understanding the legal environment in which you carry. Every state has a complicated maze of laws and an overlooked piece can end with you behind bars, and potentially losing your second amendment rights. Another subject that every concealed carrier should have at least some rudimentary knowledge in is trauma medicine. You can’t control every part of an encounter and some basic knowledge may be the difference between a life lost and a life saved. On social media, Every Day Cary (EDC) dump pictures are popular and it’s not uncommon to see some type of tourniquet in the mix. This isn’t because they just want to carry it but that individual understands the value it brings.

You may be wondering where I discuss what cartridges are preferential for carry and delve into a scientific discussion of terminal ballistics, the effect a bullet has on its target. There is a large amount of data that is readily accessible, tons of slow motion videos with gelatin galore. In the end differences between calibers will likely have little impact in an altercation. Long gone are the days where ball ammo is the only choice, and shooters had to simply accept this limitation. Today the advances in bullet design and quality control by manufacturers has provided shooters with tons of options in every pistol cartridges, with many options specifically for self-defense. When selecting a cartridge I would give heavier consideration to cost and how it fits within the context of your other firearms. So in my case I would likely choose 9mm Luger, because all my other pistols are also chambered in it.

At Oakland Tactical we take pride in providing Michigan a firearms shop that boosts modern hard use firearms for the discerning shooter. If your looking for a new concealed carry pistol come in the shop and talk with us about your options and let us help you put together a concealed carry package. Additionally visit our website for our current inventory, we carry many pistols which are great options for concealed carry from all of the top firearms manufactures.


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