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CZ P-09 Part 2 of 3

CZ P-09 Part 2 of 3

CZ P-09 Part 2 of 3

CZ P-09 9mm FDE Review Part 2:

The first modification that I made is likely the one that is the one most often overlooked when I talk with other shooters, and that is new springs. The predominant springs in a DA/SA firearm are the hammer and recoil spring. We will start with the simpler of the two, the hammer spring. The hammer springs for a DA/SA pistol affects the trigger pull of both the longer DA trigger pull and the short SA trigger pull. Keep in mind though that changing hammer springs will not affect the SA significantly, this is due to how a DA/SA pistol works. The SA trigger is affected most by the sear engagement with the hammer and the mechanical interactions of the trigger and trigger bar. For this build we ordered a competition spring pack from Cajun Gun Works, (CGW) which includes a 15# and 13# hammer spring, as well as a new reduced strength firing pin spring and firing pin block spring.

 Most modern pistols feature firing pin blocks as a safety feature to prevent unintended discharges. Unfortunately firing pin blocks create that take up and mushy trigger feeling. The reduced firing pin block spring will help reduce that mushy feeling and help reduce the impact of the block on the trigger pull. The reduced power firing pin spring will allow us to use a lower powered hammer spring while still being able to maintain the reliable ignition of our primers. On the CZ P-09 the firing pin and the firing pin block requires removing a single roll pin located on the slide. The hardest part of removing the roll pin is finding a suitable place to brace the slide when knocking the pin out. A bench mounted vice is best but a clamp and a board on a table works as well. Once the pin is removed depressing the firing pin block allows the firing pin to be removed. Swap the springs and replace and your good to go. The hammer spring is even easier to replace. On the bottom of the removable blackstrap is a solid pin. To remove it hold the grip frame against a table or other hard surface and press the pin out with a punch by hand. Slowly release and the mainspring housing will pop out with the hammer spring. The CGW spring pack comes with a 15# and 13# spring. The 15# according to CGW will set off any primer, and the 13# will require a softer primer. I choose to use the 13# spring, because I wanted to see how good the trigger pull could get. The last spring I replaced was a new reduced power trigger return spring, which will reduce the trigger pull on both the DA and Sa by about ½ pound. With the pistol reassembled fully, I went done into the basement for a dry fire session.

 The DA on the gun was much improved, the reach is no different but it feels substantially lighter. I was able to pull through the DA in a smooth fashion. The SA trigger did not feel as mushy with the lighter firing pin block spring and reduced return spring it was a touch lighter. I often shoot a heavily modified CZ Shadow, which does not have a firing pin block so I can feel the firing pin block in the trigger pull of most other pistols, because I am used to it not being there. For the uninitiated though I would be impressed if they detect it. Because of this the trigger feels crisper.

 When I initially conceptualized this review it was my thought to complete it in two parts but I surprised even myself with amount of information to cover. Come back for part three with the final modifications I made to the CZ P-09 FDE and my overall thoughts on it.

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