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Handgun ammunition, also known as pistol ammunition, is specifically designed for use in handguns. Handguns are firearms that can be operated with one hand and are typically used for self-defense, personal protection, law enforcement, and recreational shooting.

Handgun ammunition comes in various calibers, each representing the diameter of the bullet or projectile. Some common handgun ammunition calibers include:

9mm Luger (9x19mm Parabellum): One of the most popular handgun calibers worldwide, known for its moderate recoil and widespread use in law enforcement and military.

.45 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol): A larger and more powerful caliber, popular among fans of the 1911 pistol design and appreciated for its stopping power.

.40 S&W (Smith & Wesson): Developed as a compromise between 9mm and .45 ACP, offering a balance between magazine capacity and stopping power.

.380 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol): A smaller caliber often used in compact or subcompact handguns for concealed carry.

.38 Special: A classic revolver caliber still in use today, known for its accuracy and reliability.

.357 Magnum: A powerful revolver cartridge capable of firing both .357 Magnum and .38 Special ammunition.

.44 Magnum: A large, powerful revolver cartridge famous for its use in the "Dirty Harry" movie series.

10mm Auto: A powerful cartridge used in both semi-automatic pistols and some revolvers.

.22 LR (Long Rifle): A small, low-recoil caliber often used for target practice, training, and plinking.

Handgun ammunition is available in various bullet types, including full metal jacket (FMJ) for target shooting and training, hollow point (HP) for self-defense, and other specialized designs for specific applications.

It is crucial to select ammunition that is compatible with your handgun's caliber and to use only factory-produced, quality ammunition for safe and reliable performance. Additionally, always follow firearm safety rules and practice responsible firearm handling when using handguns and ammunition.

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3 of 3 Items