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Long-range precision and tactical shooting involve the use of specialized firearms and equipment, specifically specialized rifle scopes, to engage targets at extended distances with high accuracy. This category encompasses both the equipment required for effective long-range and tactical shooting. Key aspects include understanding ballistics, mastering breath and trigger control, and the ability to accurately estimate distances and adjust for environmental factors such as wind and elevation. All the scopes in this catagory have advanced reticles and turrets for this task.

Things you will need in a long range rifle scope will be an advanced reticle that does not cover the target at extreme distances, turrets that match the reticle subtentions and a first focal plane. most scopes that have these features can be used as accurate passive range finders, no lasers or IR signatures needed. The one other consideration we suggest is getting a lite reticle to contrast in low light situations or use with night vision.

A reticle is subjective and there are no right or wrong answers. But know this, you will have a hard time using a grid style reticle for bullet drop at the higher magnifications on the scope. Most will only allow 5-6 mils of viewable reticle at full power. This will not get your basic precision rifes to hold over at 1000 yards unless you back off the magnification. 

Long-range shooting often occurs in competitive sports, hunting, and in some military and law enforcement scenarios. Tactical shooting, on the other hand, emphasizes quick, precise shots in high-stress situations, often associated with law enforcement and military operations. Products and training in this category are geared towards enhancing the shooter's ability to accurately and effectively engage targets from a distance, using techniques and equipment optimized for long-range precision and tactical scenarios.

We are experts in optics at Oakland Tactical. If you need any consultation on picking out the right optic, give us a call.

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17 of 17 Items