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The Pre-Owned Firearms category offers a wide range of high-quality firearms that have been previously owned and are now available for purchase. These firearms include pistols, rifles, shotguns, and more, from various reputable brands.

One of the notable products within this category is the Pre-Owned Smith & Wesson Highway Patrolman 28-2 in .357. This handgun offers a powerful performance suitable for both law enforcement professionals and avid shooters. Additionally, the Pre-Owned Bergara B-14, 6.5 Creed, W/Athlon Midas BTR 4.5-27x50 MIL presents a premium combination of a precision rifle with a top-of-the-line scope, ensuring accurate and enjoyable shooting experiences.

Customers can also find handguns like the Pre-Owned Kahr CM9 W/4 mags, Pre-Owned Kahr CW40 3.5" Barrel 40 S&W W/Case and (3) Magazines, and Pre-owned Walther PPK/S .22LR Made in Germany. These handguns offer various features such as compact designs, multiple magazines, and German craftsmanship, catering to different preferences and requirements.

Moreover, for those interested in shotguns, the Pre-Owned Beretta BL-2 S 12ga O/U with speed trigger and Pre-owned Eddystone M1917 Sporter 30-06 22" barrel are excellent options. These shotguns provide reliability, versatility, and superior performance, making them suitable for hunting, recreational shooting, or self-defense purposes.

Additionally, rifle enthusiasts can explore the Pre-owned Kel-tec RFB 18" Barrel 7.62x51 W/ Extra Magazines, Pre-Owned Savage Model 10, 6.5 creed, 24-inch threaded barrel, and Pre-owned Henry Golden Boy 22LR 20" Barrel. These rifles encompass features such as additional magazines, threaded barrels, and exceptional craftsmanship, offering an exciting variety for both casual and experienced shooters.

The Pre-Owned Firearms category also includes accessories such as cases, scopes, lasers, holsters, and magazines, enhancing the overall shooting experience. Customers can find products like the Pre-Owned Thompson / Center Arms Encore .270 Win W/ 2.5-7 Scope & case and Pre-owned Ruger LC9 W/Case, 6 magazines, veridian laser, and holster, providing convenience and versatility.

In summary, the Pre-Owned Firearms category offers an array of top-quality firearms, including pistols, shotguns, and rifles, along with related accessories. These pre-owned products provide customers with the opportunity to own reliable and high-performing firearms at affordable prices. Whether for personal defense, hunting, or recreational shooting, customers can find their ideal firearm within this category.
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24 of 39 Items