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Discover the world of with two effortless options! Select "SHOP HOWELL LOCATION" to explore our physical store or browse our categories to uncover our vast warehouse selection. Our warehouse inventory showcases available stock for items that can be yours in just a few days or less. Enjoy free shipping, no NFA or firearm transfer fees when you collect items from our Howell Michigan store. Silencers and NFA items, kickstart your Form 4 processing upon product delivery! If you can't find the product you're after, call us at 810-991-1436 for a no cost no-obligation special order. Don't miss out on hard-to-find products!

Terms & Conditions

At Oakland Tactical, we take the purchase of firearms and ammunition seriously. To protect the safety of our customers and those around them, we require all buyers to be 18 years or older and provide valid proof of age. However, it's important to note that responsibility for the use of these products lies solely with the purchaser. We strongly encourage reading all manuals and thoroughly comprehending firearm safety rules before making any purchase with our company. Please keep in mind that any weapons or ammunition you bring into your home are your full responsibility and you must ensure that they are kept away from those who shouldn't have access to them. All firearm related responsibility rests with you.

While we attempt to make sure all inventory is correct by using the latest techlology it is possible that a product will not be in stock after you order it. This is due to timeing issues from the time another customer purchases it an when you purchase it. There can be as much as a fifteen minute delay in the processing at the server level. If you run into this problem we will give you a 5% coupon off the item when it comes back into stock.

At Oakland Tactical, we're proud to offer our clients the most comprehensive satisfaction guarantee in the firearms industry. We guarantee the functionality of every firearm we sell, regardless of the manufacturer's warranty. And if your firearm does encounter an issue beyond the warranty period, we'll fix it for free.

But our commitment to your satisfaction doesn't stop there. If you're not completely satisfied with any firearm you purchase from us, for any reason, we offer a no-questions-asked buy-back policy within 18 months at 75% of its value.

We're also dedicated to ensuring the longevity of your non-consumable firearm products. That's why we offer a lifetime guarantee and will replace any non-consumable products free of charge that become inoperable.

At Oakland Tactical, we pride ourselves on providing the best in customer satisfaction. No other shop or e-commerce store in the United States offers a guarantee of this caliber. Shop with confidence, knowing that we stand behind our products and our commitment to a positive customer experience.

 No other shop or Ecom store in the United States offers you this satisfaction quarantee!