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Rifles, a type of firearm with a long barrel and spiral grooves inside known as rifling, are renowned for their accuracy and range compared to smoothbore guns. Typically fired from the shoulder, rifles have been utilized for a variety of purposes since the 16th century, including hunting, warfare, law enforcement, sport shooting, and self-defense. This category offers a wide range of rifles to cater to the different needs and preferences of users.

One of the featured products is the Daniel Defense Ddm4 Mk18 5.56mm 10.3 Black, a compact and reliable rifle known for its versatility. Its short barrel allows for easy maneuverability, making it suitable for close-quarters combat situations. Another option is the Daniel Defense Ddm4 V4 S 5.56mm 11.5 Black, which offers a balance between compactness and accuracy. Ideal for sport shooting or self-defense, this rifle provides excellent control and precision.

For those seeking a more specialized option, the Daniel Defense Ddm4 Mk18 Milspec+ 5.56 10.3 offers enhanced features that meet rigorous military standards. Its durable construction and exceptional performance make it a reliable choice for both military personnel and enthusiasts. Additionally, the Daniel Defense Ddm4 300s Sbr 300blk 10.3 Blk stands out for its powerful caliber, making it suitable for hunting or situations requiring high impact.

Customers interested in superior quality and precision may want to consider the Barrett Firearms M99 series. The Barrett Firearms M99 50bmg Black 29" Bipod offers exceptional long-range accuracy and power, making it an excellent choice for long-distance shooting or tactical operations. Alternatively, the Chiappa Firearms Double Badger 22lr/410 19" combines both a rifle and a shotgun, allowing users to switch between calibers for different shooting scenarios.

Whether you are a professional marksman, a hunter, or a recreational shooter, this category encompasses a diverse range of rifles to suit various needs. With renowned brands like Daniel Defense, Barrett Firearms, and Chiappa Firearms, customers can find products that prioritize reliability, accuracy, and durability. Explore the selection and find the perfect rifle to meet your shooting objectives.