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Shotguns are a versatile category of firearms that are widely used for various purposes. Whether it be hunting, sport shooting, home defense, or military applications, shotguns have proven to be reliable and effective. The defining feature of shotguns is their smoothbore barrels, which means that the interior of the barrel is not rifled like in rifles. This design allows for the firing of shells containing multiple projectiles, known as shot, or a single large projectile, known as a slug.

One important aspect of shotguns is their gauge, which refers to the diameter of the shotgun's bore. Common shotgun gauges include 12 gauge, 20 gauge, and .410 bore. These different gauges offer shooters options in terms of power, recoil, and the types of shells that can be used.

In this product category, you'll find a variety of shotguns to suit different needs and preferences. Some of the notable products in this category include the Charles Daly Magazine 12ga 10rd Black, Charles Daly Triple Honcho 12/18.5 Bl/syn, and the Chiappa Firearms 1887 Lever 12ga 22" Bl/wd. These shotguns offer reliable performance, durability, and often come with additional features such as adjustable stocks, tactical rails, and extended magazines.

Whether you're an experienced hunter looking for a reliable firearm to take down game, a sport shooter looking to improve your skills, or a homeowner seeking a reliable means of protection, shotguns have proven to be a popular choice. The variety of options available in this category ensures that you can find a shotgun that meets your specific needs and preferences.

Choose from reputable brands such as Charles Daly, Chiappa Firearms, and American Tactical Inc, and explore the range of shotguns they offer. With their versatility, power, and effectiveness, shotguns continue to be a popular firearm choice for a wide range of users. Shop this category and find the right shotgun for your needs.
24 of 28 Items
24 of 28 Items