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YHM 440528
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Introducing the YHM sRx Flash Hider! - YHM's new line of sRx products were designed with aesthetics and ease-of-use as the top priorities and that is no different for the YHM sRx Flash Hider (YHM-4405's). This Q.D Flash Hider comes in two variations (1/2 x 28 & 5/8 x 24) and it's compatible Q.D. Adapter/Mounting Interface attaches to the industry standard (HUB) 1-3/8 x 24 threads. It features an internal taper seal-in front of the threads-that locks your suppressor on and forms a tight seal to contain gasses while in-use. This means no gasses or debris can build up on the threads. - The sRx Flash Hider must be paired with The YHM sRx Adapter (YHM-4400) . - The sRx Flash Hider adds minimal length and weight to the suppressor set up while also allowing you to reap all the benefits of the new YHM sRx System-when used in conjunction with The sRx Adapter. The full YHM sRx (Suppressor Rx) System will be the obvious choice for someone looking for a sleek low-profile suppressor set up-that's also built to withstand rigorous use. This is our prescription for the shooter who cares about the aesthetics of their build as well as its ease-of-use. - Some of the exciting new benefits of the YHM sRx System are as follows: - TIMELESS. (No need to shim/time to barrel) - Small/low profile - No moving parts - Large taper in front of the threads allows for consistent mounting. - Lighter than many Q.D. mounting offerings on the market - Can be permanently attached to firearm barrel needed - The YHM sRx System-just what the doctor ordered! - As always all YHM Products are covered by our Lifetime Manufacturers Warranty